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Making great stuff happen by bringing people and sectors together.

Who we work with?

Whether you are looking to grow your business, radically change a service, or develop your concepts in the real world.

  1. Technologists & Innovators
  2. Public & 3rd sectors
  3. Citizens

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  • Insight & Discovery
  • Business Development & Market Access
  • Consulting, Advisory & Delivery

Latest Work

Digital Boomers

A Theory of change for older people, technology and independent living

Our report, Digital Boomers: A Theory of change for older people, technology and independent living myth-busts many common assumptions about how older people embrace digital and tech and includes a Theory of Change to take citizens, families, professionals and organisations through the steps required to harness and amplify older people’s deep connection with tech and provide more opportunities to use it for health, care and wellbeing.

Older people in Essex are more tech savvy than they realise and our report describes the movement to harness that curiosity to help local people live more independently for longer.

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About Us

We love solving challenging issues and generating innovation in health and social care – breaking new ground. We have a deep understanding and experience of the NHS, local government, academia, the private and 3rd sectors.

We are uniquely able to operate in the value-laden spaces where these people and sectors converge. We’ll help you find the real story, create the right conditions for a grounded delivery whilst building skills, capability, value and networks that will promote sustainability.

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